Thursday, January 3, 2013

Underground Organic Northwoods Scene

Northwoods, Wisconsin. Breathtaking scenery filled with pristine lakes and towering pines. Untouched by commercial civilization — except for a Walmart — *grrr. This is Packer Country — where the land is full of supper clubs, and Green Bay Packer Bars — CheeseHead paradise. And the cuisine of choice are their notorious Friday Night All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fries, and Deep Fried Cheese Curds. And beer. Lots of it.
gorgeous Wisconsin sky
note the Packers’ Parking Sign :)
Boating all day on the water with coolers full of beer and peanuts, or Snowmobiling to a supper club in the untouched Indian Reservations….life has a different pace here….a healing pace. Stress evaporates like the sun during a phenomenal sunset only found up North.
Northwoods sunset!
boating erases life’s troubles
A Northwoods supper club
This is the Northwoods that I know and love. Nature and people: rugged and real.
not a bad view:)
Until today.
Given my current health situation and the resulting dietary restrictions, we have done copious planning and researching, and have discovered an Underground Sub-Culture of the Northwoods Good Ol’ Boys — the Anti-Cheese-Curd-Health-Nuts. Yes, even in the forested hills and lakes of Northern Wisconsin, you can find Raw Foodists. And they have found a way to thrive in the Fish Fry Capital of the Nation.
We discovered an AMAZING organic grocery store called Wild Berry Market. Oh my Gosh, they have a better selection of organics than in Cincinnati!! And not just limited to food either! — Cosmetics, detergents, cleaning supplies, bulk grains and nuts, baby lotions and wipes, you name it!
And then — we stumbled upon theHigh Voltage Food Gallery. This organic, vegan-friendly cafe is truly a gem. Given all my dietary restrictions, they completely made me a custom entrĂ©e — they were so understanding and helpful! And get this — they even said that they were going to make a special dairy/sugar-free ice cream for me that will be ready tomorrow! It’s made with coconut milk and STEVIA!!!! It’s Body Ecology Friendly!
The owners knew all about the BED. And get this — they lived in NYC for 30 years!! We had a great conversation about all the vegan restaurants and shops in NYC. And go figure, we find them in the Northwoods — population 646.
All You Can Eat Fish Fry — yes, it really exists
supper club decor — taxidermy and hunting accessories
Tonight, I confess, we’re cozying up to the Northwoods lifestyle and going to a Fish Fry — where I will talk to the chef and get grilled fish and steamed veggies. But, isn’t it refreshing and mind-blowing to know that where ever you go, you can always find a partner in health crime. :)
my grilled cod & steamed asparagus…the BED “fish fry”
Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend!!
Want to know what camera I use to capture these pics? My Nikon CoolPix! Love it!

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