Thursday, January 3, 2013

Road Trip Eats on the Body Ecology Diet!

So as you may know, I’m still in my Ulcerative Colitis flare. It issignificantly better than where it was back in November when I started flaring. Yes, you read that right…its been 6 months. But now, I’ve developed Candida from bring on the steroid, Prednesone at the highest dose 4 years ago during my last flare. That, coupled with a stint on an antibiotic back in January, and an auto-immune disease ((read: out-of-whack immune system)) has caused me to develop Candida. So, I’m on the Body Ecology Diet right now to kill Candida yeast.
This diet sucks. Excuse my french. But, it is the only way to starve the out-of-control yeast of its food: SUGAR — in all of its forms — even foods that break down into sugar (like white rice, potatoes, and starchy veggies like peas). So on the Body Ecology Diet, there is ABSOLUTELY no sugar, fruit (except for lemon & lime), grains, milk or cheese (because of the milk sugar, lactose), beans (including peanuts), soy, caffeine, alcohol, sugary vegetables (like carrots and beets) or starchy vegetables (like potatoes) or mushrooms. But, it doesallow 4 gluten-free grains: amaranth, millet, quinoa, and buckwheat. This diet kills the yeast, and puts you in a dietary box in the process.
But that’s ok — anything to get better and get on with my life!!
SO — with all these restrictions, traveling and eating out can be *quite* difficult to say the least.
So what did I bring on my road trip?
  • LOTS OF NUTS — but not peanuts or pistachios (they’re “no-no’s” on the BED). And you have to be careful: lots of store-bought nuts are roasted in peanut oil!
hazelnuts and macadamia nuts — my favorite!
  • Millet & Flax Crackers — I’ve fallen in love with these — especially the garlic flavor! They’re a great source of protein and fiber!
millet & flax crackers — you can’t eat just one!
  • Homemade Zucchini Chips!
amazing zucchini chips! light & crunchy!
To make these, I thinly slice a zucchini on the mandolin. I place them on an olive-oil-sprayed baking sheet in a single layer. I then spray them with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. I bake them LOW & SLOW at 200 degrees F in the oven for about 4 hours, flipping every hour. You could also use different spices like chili powder, or curry powder, or paprika — so many options! They are so light and crispy! SOO fantastic!
  • Lots of water
  • And hard-boiled eggs
Dining out on the road can also be tough — Subway just won’t cut it on the BED.
Soo, you have to get creative and do your research. We stopped at a seafood restaurant! (I know…not *vegan* — I’m eating wild, ocean-caught fish and pastured, farm-fresh eggs right now while I heal and need the protein). I had a long talk with our server about my dietary restrictions. It turns out she was lactose-intolerant, so she completely understood where I was coming from.
I got grilled fish and asparagus.
not the most glamorous of plates, but it was Body Ecology Legal!
When eating out — here are some tips:
  • BEFRIEND YOUR SERVER — they are your link to the kitchen — if they are on your side, your meal will be safe and done correctly.
  • CALL AHEAD IF YOU CAN — call ahead and let them know about your dietary restrictions. If the chef knows ahead of time, they will have time to think about alternative dishes for you!
  • COMMUNICATE — you are your own advocate — I know it can be embarrassing, and you feel like you’re being a bother. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to stick up for your delicate tummy. Be clear, polite, and appreciative.
  • LOOK FOR FOODS YOU CAN EAT— skim all the options on the menu — is there a protein you can eat? A side dish on another entrĂ©e that is legal? Do you notice that they have asparagus in their salad, or roasted potatoes with the steak? Ask your server to “pick and choose” what’s on your plate from what they offeron the menu.
  • SHOW APPRECIATION — not only should you thank your server, and let them know you will be back, but also, tip your server well! They went above and beyond to make your dining experience safe and healthy — show ‘em some love!
I hope that helps. Your meal might not be AMAZING with a 5 star sauce. In fact, it will probably be quite bland. But remind yourself, you’re there for the company and memories! And you can always supplement your dinner when you get home — like I did — with 2 BED cookies!! :)
delicious!! — BED friendly macadamia nut butter cookies!
I used my favorite appliance, my food processor to make my homemade macadamia nut butter! It was so simple, just throw in the nuts, and turn on the machine! Seriously, what can't a food processor do? Here's the one I use:

Happy Tummies!


  1. I just got on the body ecology diet again. I found out i had lupus about a year and 1/2 ago. It sent me into the hospital with kidney failure and a lot of other problems. I ended up on high doses of prednisone and other medications. I went and saw a natural doctor exactly 1 year ago and he put me on this diet. Really turned my health around. But I am getting back on stage one of the diet for some small symptoms I have been having. And boy, I have forgotten how hard this diet is. But I didn't know you could eat hazelnuts and macadamia nuts? If this is true I would love that cookie recipe! Thanks so much for your post! It was encouraging to come across!

    1. Hi Hannah! Oh my goodness it sounds like you've had quite the health journey! I'm sorry to hear about all your complications. Yes, the BED does work wonders, but it does take some willpower! For my body, I could eat nuts, but I know that is uncommon. I'd say take it slow and see how your body reacts. But best of luck on your healing journey! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!! :)

  2. okay i just saw the link for the cookies~

    1. Ok good! Yeah these cookies were my saving grace! Haha

  3. I just made these chips and they are really, really good! Thank you for the recipe.
    I sliced the zucchini 1.3 mm thin and the baking time was only 2 hours without flipping!
    However, I had to make two batches as my oven can only accommodate 2 baking sheets.

    1. Thank you so much! I love this snack. Super crispy and satisfying. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

  4. you CAN have carrots, green beans and red skin potatoes on the body Ecology diet!

  5. Do you have the recipe for the BED cookies with macadamia? It's not pulling up.

    Thank you!

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