Saturday, January 5, 2013

Carrot Dessert Pudding and NYC Favs! GF, V, BED, SCD!

Well howdy ho to ya! :)
Confession: I had dessert for dinner tonight.
Confession #2: It was healthy and made out of veggies! Carrots to be exact:)
it tastes EXACTLY like Pumpkin Bread Batter!!
I had a busy day running errands, and I just wanted to have something easy and super delicious for dindin. Enter: my Carrot Dessert Pudding!
carrots and cashews! SO GOOD!
It is – oh my gosh – INCREDIBLE! It literally tastes like pumpkin bread batter — sweet, spicy and amazingly creamy!
healthy never tasted so good!
I’ve shared this recipe with you earlier this summer, and it is unusual for me to repost a recipe – (this is actually my first time repeating!) – BUT, this recipe is probably the best thing I make, so I thought it was worthy of a repeat. :)
Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, BED & SCD!!
SO, since I wasn’t sharing a new recipe with you tonight, I thought I’d share some New York City hot spots!!!
First…Dinner: My all time FAVORITE place to eat in the city is Angelica Kitchen! This little East Village gem is an all-vegan and local/organic restaurant! And, they’re gluten-free friendly too! They get all of their ingredients from local farmers and from the NYC Greenmarket at Union Square.
Their meals are truly gourmet. My mom and I literally ate dinner here every night for a month. She flew out and stayed with me when my Ulcerative Colitis first started flaring and I still had to finish out the musical I was in. The food is AMAZING, and SO reasonably priced!
Yay Angelica Kitchen!
Everyday, they have 2 outrageous specials. (You go for the specials, although the rest of the menu is amazing too — Buddah Bowl?! amazing) And one of the specials – if not both – is ALWAYS gluten free. My mom and I even had Thanksgiving dinner here – yes, it’s that good!
Thanksgiving! Tofu & Veggie SoufflĂ© w/ Tart Cranberry Sauce! (one of 5 courses!)
AND! When my dad came to NYC to see me in the show, we took him here too, and he enjoyed it! Yes, my “meat-and-potatoes” pop loved it – both times he ate there:)
my super cute mom:)
So after dinner, what’s better than catching a show in the city?! Now, let’s be honest, a lot of times, the shows are very touristy and pricey. To be fair, there’s nothing like seeing a show on Broadway, and if you visit, I strongly recommend seeing a show at least once.
BUT! for a truly “local” experience, one of my favorite spots is the PIT, or the People’s Improv Theater! If you’ve never been to live improv comedy, it is HILARIOUS! You will be falling out of your seat laughing the whole time.
And here’s the best part: the shows are eitherfree or $5! Talk about a steal!!
It’s in a very non-touristy area – the East Village, and you won’t be bombarded by guys selling bus tours or watches and T-Shirts:)
So there ya go! Two of my favorite NYC spots:) Back with a new original recipe tomorrow!
Until then!
Here's my favorite food processor:

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