Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey guys!

How was your Tuesday? Today was a SKI DAY! My mom, bro and sister-in-law went to a couple films, so it was a father-daughter date today on the slopes! And how fun!!

We skied from 10am until 3:40! Sundance week is notoriously a fabulous week to ski because the slopes are literally *empty.* Everyone that is occupying the hotels and condos are “PIB’s” (aka People In Black)…aka New Yorkers there for the Sundance Film Festival. So in other words…no one is skiing!

There were no lift lines and no traffic on the slopes!

Tomorrow, my mom, sis-in-law, and I are going to the spaaaa :) I’ll give you a full report tomorrow!

Hope you have a fabulous night!


  1. It's so great to see you so happy and healthy, Caralyn!

    1. Thank you so much! I know, I am so grateful to be healthy again!

  2. It is so great to see you back up on skis this year.It's a joy to see you healthy and enjoying life. You are one amazing young woman.

    1. Thanks mama. I know, what a difference a year makes? Right? Thanks for being such an amazing source of encouragement on this journey. I love you do much:)


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