Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hurricane Update

Hey guys! Wow, thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers after Sandy. I am truly overwhelmed with the love and concern from you guys:) Thank you. I continue to think about those devastated on Long Island who still are without power. Luckily I got power back yesterday, on Saturday.
uprooted tree
However, I was able to fly out of the city (the morning LGA opened) and fly home to Cincinnati for the weekend. I will be returning to the city tomorrow. I did this because without power, I had to significantly change my diet, and my parents and I were scared that the drastic change (to raw foods and lots of nuts) would trigger another flare. That, and it was actually cheaper to fly home then get a hotel room for a night!
the front of the brownstone literally blew off
I have never seen Manhattan like this. It was seriously like something out of the movie, 2012. It was so dark, and people were frantic, trying to preserve their battery life on their cell phones and conserve water. North of 39th street, they had power, but in the Village, it was like another world. Everything was boarded up and closed. The only things that were open were the little cigarette shops/delis where the owner literally stood at the door (it was pitch black inside) and he’d say, “whadda ya want,” with his hand on his hips, guarding his store. And then you’d have to pay cash. It was so crazy.
it was like a doll house
Every day, I would walk up to 39th street and go into a Duane Reade and charge my phone. There would be a line 3 people deep at each outlet to charge their phone. With each phone requiring at least an hour of charge time, that would end up being an all-afternoon-ordeal.
But I got word yesterday that power was restored at my building. Thank goodness.
debris everywhere
I apologize for not “recipe-ing” it up while in Cincy. The day after I got home, I had a fever of 103, and I’ve been nursing it ever since. I think my body was running on adrenaline in NYC and now that I’m home, it finally said, enough’s enough.
Did you watch Sandy on the news? What were your thoughts?
Until tomorrow!

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