Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sundance Update!

Hey guys!!!

How was everyone's weekend? Did you watch some football?

Are you planning on watching the Inauguration tomorrow? One of my good friends is in the Lee University Choir and is singing at it!! Woo!

Soo....this will be a pretty quick post tonight because I'm at SUNDANCE!! It's a film festival in Park City, Utah! We're here for skiing, and to take in some films!

So that's me and my mom:) We got shut out of 3 films today...(we were on the waiting list) so we saw a mainstream movie instead...The Impossible...which is about the tsunami in 2004 in Indonesia. It was an AMAZING movie. I highly suggest seeing it! It was definitely a graphic depiction of the devastation, but the theme of a strong family unit literally brought me to tears. So. Good.

In other news, at the airport, I literally ran into Alexander Scarsgard from True Blood....Here's his picture. So that was pretty cool:)

photo credit: IMDB

Tomorrow we have tickets to see a big movie premiere...I'll fill you in tomorrow. I'm not too sure what it's we'll see!

Annnd, for dinner tonight, I had my Butternut Squash Pudding.....INCREDIBLE!! Everyone wanted a was like dessert for dinner:)

Alright, talk to you soon!

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