Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Missing NYC

This is My New York
Union Square Farmers' Market
As spring is blooming here in Cincy, I can’t help but miss Springtime in NYC. As soon as this UC flare gets under control, I’ll be back to the Concrete Jungle.
New York, I miss your beautiful grittiness. I miss the hidden details that make you truly the best city on Earth. Your hustle and bustle speak to my soul and ignite my spirit. But mostly, I miss your people, with their hearts of gold and fun-loving spirits. They become your family — forever friends:)
I will see you soon.
This is the New York I know and love:
The Standard Hotel ...must..get..to..Boom Boom Room!
meatpacking district
meatpacking district
meatpacking district
my favorite restaurant in Greenwich
Midtown theaters
Subway on the 1
Radio City at Christmas! so beautiful
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Fendi all blinged out for Christmas
my view
hipster in the village
FDNY in Soho/Little Italy -- Thank you!!
Little Italy
Soho gorgeousness
Snow doesn't stop Manhattanites!
Don't Walk -- or a cab WILL hit you -- yes I know this, don't ask
West Village
Union Square Farmers' Market
High Line Park -- That's New Jersey's skyline

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