Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Friday Supper Disaster!

Well, today is Good Friday. The day that defines our Christian Faith. — The day that Jesus died. The culmination of our Lenten fasting. And now, we wait in anticipation for Easter Sunday, when He conquers death and rises from the dead! How beautiful is our faith.
So tonight, the family is ALMOST all together! My sis-in-law is here, both of my brothers are arriving tonight, and my other sis-in-law will be arriving tomorrow! Woo!
So what is this “disaster” you might ask? Well let me just tell you about the evening we had. We had a disposal disaster — water everywhere. I was cooking dinner, and right when my bro walked in the door, the disposal clogged and pretty much exploded. Welcome home, bro! :/ A member of my family may or may not have put an obscene ammount of leftovers down the drain, but I will never tell!
We were stranded without a sink and running water. So, with my ingredients all set out and chopped, we were suddenly in a predicament. My dad brought out the big snake to unclog the drain, and try as he might, that clog wasn’t going anywhere. We needed an emergency plumber house call.
I was planning on making this:
gorgeous colors and flavors!
Sweet and Spicy Pear Quinoa Pilaf with broiled Hake fish. This is a great dish for company because it is super easy and fast to whip together, and its delicious! I’ve made this dish before, once stuffed in a butternut squash, and once by itself, and both were devoured!
But, alas, this time it wasn’t meant to be — with no sink, we had to resort to going out to dinner.
We went to this little Vegan-Friendly restaurant, The Green Dog Cafe. It was really nice! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any pictures. You see, after the debacle with the sink, it was about 8:30 by the time we were eating. And since Good Friday is a day of fasting, we were all famished and pretty much gobbled up our food in 3 seconds!
But I ordered a delightful Chihuahua Bowl. It was a Mexican-inspired dish that was both vegan and gluten-free! It filled with brown rice, black beans, a corn salad, and tomatoes. It was pretty good — but then, it was just rice and beans :P I ordered a little side of guacamole on the side to “kick it up a notch,” which did add a lot to the dish.
We love The Green Dog — It’s one of the only organic, vegan-friendly and gluten-free friendly spots in Cincinnati!
Today, a Man paid the ultimate price for us because He so deeply, deeply loves us.
Happy Good Friday! And I hope everyone has a wonderful, Easter weekend.

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