Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday Eggstravaganza! ::sorry couldn't resist!::

The disposal is all fixed! After an early morning house call, we’re back in business and ready for a great Saturday! The boys went golfing while the others went house hunting again!
So tonight, we’re celebrating my sis-in-law’s birthday! And earlier in March, I made this delectable meal for my dad for his birthday, and  I was requested to make the same meal for her birthday tonight! Haha, we are creatures of habit!
buttery and succulent Ahi Tuna!
Dinner was my delicious Seared Ahi Tuna with Chinese Stir Fry Rice! Oh. My. Gosh. SO fantastic! The key to this amazing meal is having outstanding, organic ingredients — most importantly the fish!
Lobsta Bakes‘ wild, ocean-caught Ahi Tuna is sushi grade, and the most GORGEOUS ruby red color — a sign of an extremely fresh fish. Ahi Tuna is best eaten seared — very, very rare, and nearly raw. Just a minute or 2 per side on a screamin’ hot pan. When you just sear both sides, the middle maintains this buttery, melt-in-you-mouth consistency. Outstanding.
With it, I made my scrumptious Chinese Veggie Stir Fry Rice! It pairs so beautifully with the Ahi Tuna because the tuna itself is marinated in a fantastic, bright Asian marinade. The vegetables were so fresh and crisp with great Chinese flavors! Beautiful colors, bright flavors, and wonderful textures! The nutty rice, the salty sauce, buttery tuna, crunchy peppers and carrots, and peas that *pop* in your mouth. Truly a magnificent dining experience.
You can find my full recipe here – and I highly HIGHLY recommend this dish. It is a show stopper!
such delicious cake!
To end the meal with a birthday flare, I made again, a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free cake with Vanilla Coconut-Oil Buttercream. HOLY COW! It was from a cake mix ::sigh:: but still phenomenal. Light, fluffy, moist, and not at all crumbly, chalky, dense, or unpleasant like a lot of GF baked good. It was Pamela’s Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix.
And then the frosting! Get outta town! Can you hook me up to an IV of this stuff?? (This is coming from someone who hasn’t had sugar in 6 months!) Because of my UC flare, I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet…so how do you make a butter-less buttercream? Some vegan icings use margarine, which I am against….its just a bunch of hydrogenated oils and processed chemicals. So I used…COCONUT OIL!
Coconut oil is amazing. It is solid at room temperature, and liquefies if you heat it – like for a stir fry. But there are SO MANY outstanding health benefits of coconut oil. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, full of antioxidants, helps with digestion, nourishing for your hair, and is actually heart healthy, despite its high saturated fat content! You see, the molecule chains are much shorter than all other types of saturated fat which have long chains. Coconut oil’s molecules are processed by the liver and used as instant energy, instead of being stored in the body as fat, like butter and shortening. It’s truly an amazing ingredient that is being continually researched for its amazing health benefits.
1 cup coconut oil
3 cups confectioners’ sugar
1 1/2 – 2 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 Tbsp almond milk
Blend the coconut oil until smooth. Then slowly add the rest of your ingredients while you blend.  Store at room temp, and frost on a completely cooled cake. It will melt when it gets too warm.
look at that outrageous frosting!
This frosting was lick the bowl good. We couldn’t get enough! My mom even said she preferred it over regular buttercream because it had “a more wonderful consistency!” This cake was a food-bliss moment:)
The entire meal was absolutely delectable, and even MORE fantastic because my ENTIRE family was together! This was such a great, great night full of laughter, sharing stories, and joy. There is nothing sweeter than a united family — not even my cake:)
a show stopper:)
Make this dish, share it with your family, and revel in the goodness that is togetherness.  Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!
For this meal, I used my handy dandy grill pan. It's so convenient. Especially when it's cold or rainy outside! I also used my cute hand mixer for the frosting. It's pink for breast cancer:) Here are the tools I used:

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