Tuesday, January 1, 2013

When the Results are Rotten

Here’s A Sneak Peak of Dinner….But First……..
Today was a bit of a downer day. I don’t mean to bring negativity to my Happy Tummies, but I got the results back from a food and environmental allergy panel I took about 3 weeks ago. I got a bunch of blood drawn, sent the results to a lab in Massachusetts, and have waited with bated breath for results that could lead to some answers for my UC.
I’m at the beginning of my 4th week on my new holistic regime, and part of the therapy was to check for food allergies. Well…they came back, and not so wonderfully. I mean, I guess I should be thankful that there’s not more, or more severe allergies, but it still is crummy.
Drum Roll Please:
Egg Yolks
Green Peas
Black Walnuts
Green Beans
Pinto Beans
So, this list doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the top 5 are staples in my diet — and all store-bought GF products usually contain yeast AND egg yolks.  Almond milk has been a lifesaver, and cashews are my favorite snack.
Here’s a typical day:
BreakfastEggs + GF Tortilla —- no more yolks
LunchEggs + Tomato salsa + cilantro + GF Tortilla —– no more yolks or salsa
SnacksAlmonds, Cashews, Raisins, GF Chips w/ Hummus, Apples — no more almonds or cashews
Dinner: I cook all the time withginger, peas, TOMATOES, sun-dried-tomatoes, coconut, almond milk, and eggs — not anymore! No more yummy homemade Marinara Sauce oramazing Pad Thai or Chinese Stir Fry or Curries or Frittatasor Homemade GF Pizza! ::tear::
SnackAlmond – Cashew – Raisin – Dark Chocolate homemade trail mix — goodbye
DessertFrench Macaroons (Made with almond flour) — adios!
Ok enough wallowing in self-pity.
As with everything in life, I need to see the good in this.  I need to realize that although these foods are foods that bring enjoyment, they also could be culprits to why I’m still not completely healed from my Ulcerative Colitis flare yet.  This is a blessing in disguise, because now I have something that I can control to help in the healing process.  By avoiding these foods, I could possibly stay away from flares indefinitely, or at least prolong my remission! I’ll just have to be more creative making yummy, delicious, healthy and nutritious gluten-free and vegan fare without these ingredients — at least for right now.
Ok, thanks for letting me vent. Now on to dinner tonight! I made a delicious Zesty Spinach and Mushroom Pasta with Broiled Flounder! It was D-licious!
the mushrooms were chewy and full of earthy flavor
Here’s what you need:
1 box of mushrooms — sliced
1 onion — diced
5 garlic cloves — minced
1 box of baby spinach — chopped
1/4 cup white wine
1/2 cup vegetable stock
2 tsp Dijon mustard mixed with 2 Tbsp water
1 tsp corn starch mixed with 2 Tbsp water
pinch of nutmeg
reserved pasta water
zesty spinach and mushroom GF pasta!
Saute your onion in 1 tsp EVOO, salt and pepper. Let it soften and start to brown. Then, add your garlic and mushrooms and let them release their moisture and brown. Deglaze the pan with the wine, scraping up the bottom of the pan. Add your veggie stock and spinach, and cover the pan for 2-3 minutes to wilt the spinach. Then, stir in your mustard sauce and nutmeg. Finally, stir in your corn starch slurry and allow the sauce to thicken. Add in your cooked brown rice pasta and toss to coat. Use a little pasta water to thin it out if necessary. Enjoy!
check out that gorgeous dill and lemon crust!
With this delicious pasta, I served amazing wild, ocean-caught flounder from Lobsta Bakes. I broiled it for 15 minutes with 1 tsp EVOO, lemon zest and juice, salt, pepper, and fresh dill. This was SO unbelievably moist and tender. And the dill gets a little charred underneath the broiler, so there’s a hint of smokiness. So delicious!
so flakey and moist!
This meal was fantastic. The pasta was so flavorful! There was a zesty tang from the Dijon mustard, paired with the earthy chewiness from the mushrooms, and deep green savoriness from the spinach. All tied together with the slight garlic backdrop. Truly outrageous.
gluten-free and vegan!!
Until Tomorrow!

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