Saturday, December 29, 2012

Veggie Burger in Paradise!

Sometimes, things just work. This recipe is one of those. A good veggie burger is hard to find: some are to “beany,” some are too dense with rice, some just don’t taste good! These had amazing texture, a satisfying crust, and flavor that was delicious. They also didn’t crumble and break on me like so many other recipes!
I found this fantastic recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Oh She Glows.
Next, lets talk buns. :) I splurged and bought GF buns. Now, these definitely were a splurge: 4 buns for $6! But: I used one for my burger, one for the breadcrumbs in the recipe, and then I froze the other 2 and used them for breadcrumbs later in the week! And it was definitely worth it…the bun really gave me that “burger experience”…squirting on organic ketchup and mustard…the whole 9 yards.
I served the burgers with sweet potato fries: I cut the potatoes into fries, and then tosses them with 2 t EVOO, sea salt, pepper, and cumin. I baked them in a hot oven 375-400 for 40 minutes flipping once.
This recipe is Maker's Diet friendly. This is a diet that I'm trying for my Ulcerative Colitis. It is the diet used by the author of Patient Heal Thyself. He also had UC and was able to heal himself by using this diet, as well as taking a certain probiotic: Primal Defense Ultra. It's the brand of probiotics that I use and I HIGHLY recommend them. They're made from a certain strand of probiotic found in ancient soil. I currently take 4 a day and have seen symptom improvement! 

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