Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gluten & Dairy Free Mushroom Risotto!

What a gorgeous day today! There was a light snowfall all day long, beautifully dusting the trees with white snow. I love days like today. They make you feel all cozy inside.
Another reason I love snow days like today, is that my dad drives my car, and it is quite the sight. You see my dad has a hot little sports car that he doesn’t like to taint with slush, soooo, he drives MY car. :) It’s very funny to see a big 6’2″ man driving a tiny lemon lime Volkswagen beetle with a pink flower in the vase! It is priceless :)
But I digress…Wintery days like today make you want a comforting meal that warms you from the inside. Sounded like a perfect opportunity to try my hand at Mushroom Risotto!
gluten and dairy free mushroom risotto!
I had never made risotto before. It is kind of a forgotten rice dish. I think this is due to the fact that it is quite labor intensive. BUT–it is COMPLETELY worth it.
You need arborio rice. Specific, but this particular grain of rice has the perfect starch content that is slowly released and high “absorbability” that gives this dish its creamy texture.
I got my recipe here. And it has a great tutorial. My only tweak was that I only used 2 tsp EVOO, and I omitted the margarine and nutritional yeast.
creamy and dreamy :)
This risotto was hands down delicious. Yes, it required a lot of stirring…but my mom and I did it together, and it was nice to have 30-40 minutes of down time together. :)
I served it with broiled haddock with salt, pepper, lemon and 1 tsp EVOO. This fish is fabulous…poor man’s lobster! Lobsters are sadly not on The Maker’s Diet :( boo
We made this risotto in my mom's Le Creucet. These pots are an investment, but absolutely amazing kitchen tools. You can brown and caramelize onions and they can go from the stove to the oven to the table! Here's the one she has: 

Give this risotto a try! You’ll love it!

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