Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gluten Free Bread for all Mankind!

Still in Utah and I feel the healing is upon me! Today we went to the spa at the Stein Eriksen Lodge and got a massage and ate at the gourmet lunch buffet. The day was, in a word, outrageous. The spa was amazing and the massage worked out all the inflammation knots in my back. They had beautiful saunas and steam rooms, hot tubs, and my favorite, the relaxation room.
The lunch buffet was UNREAL. They had all this scrumptious fresh seafood, and different salads, probably 20 different artisanal cheeses. Fantastic fruit and stews, and then several different prepared meats and fish. They made “my” grilled mahi mahi with mango salsa!! They also had a artisanal caesar salad buffet where the chef prepared it in front of you, made-to-order.
And then the desserts…..Let me preface this by saying that I have not had even a sweetener in my tea for the past 18 weeks while I have been trying to heal. Today, I got off that band wagon.  After not getting sick after dinner last night and sleeping through the night for the first time in 18 weeks, I decided to push my luck and have dessert. Well, they had probably 30 different gourmet desserts ranging from bread pudding, to pecan pie, to raspberry mousse layer cake. They also had gluten-free options! I had a gluten-free cupcake, flan, creme brulee, and chocolate decadence which is a flourless chocolate mousse cake. (Don’t worry, I just had bites of each ;) )
So our day today was phenomenal to say the least.
Now for a recipe! Back in Cincy, my mom and I have been trying to find a good gluten-free bread recipe. We’ve tried out several, and this one is on the top of our list (at least right now).  It is a bread mix from Pamela’s, and it is made in the breadmaker.
Pamela's Products
It had a really nice, light consistancy. It was airy and moist, not dense and chewy like most GF breads. We toasted it up in the morning for breakfast, and made french toast out of it for dinner! It does have 2 eggs in it though, so it is not vegan; but still delicious!
Check out the light, airy goodness!
This bread does contain yeast. After I ate it, I had a bit of a stomach reaction to it, due to the sensitivity of my stomach right now.  During a flare, certain things “light you on fire,” and for me, its sugar, and we think yeast.  However, after I am through this flare, we will be making this bread again.
Happy baking!
And if you need a breadmaker, here's a great one from CuisinArt! :

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