Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bejeweled Brussels Sprouts! GF, V, SCD, BED!

Hey guys!!

Soooo I have something exciting to share with you….

I’ve been working on a……

GlutenFreeHappyTummy VIDEO SERIES!!

Yep!! Cooking demonstration videos!!

So to kick things off, I’ll share a video for my brand new recipe….BEJEWELED BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!

Oh my gosh this was an incredible salad: Pan seared Brussels sprouts with roasted beats, pistachios, and roasted grapes with a champagne vinaigrette. Sounds luxurious, eh?

And its Gluten Free, Vegan, and Specific Carb Diet friendly with some Body Ecology Diet substitutions!

Here’s what you need: (serves 1-2)

About 15 brussels sprouts, halved
1 beet, sliced into ¼ inch rounds
24-30 grapes
¼ cup shelled pistachios
1 cup baby spinach/per person

3 Tbsp champagne vinegar
3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
3 drops pure liquid stevia (SCD use ½ tsp honey)
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place your beet slices on a baking sheet that’s been lined with tin foil and sprayed with olive oil. Spritz with olive oil, but do not season with salt and pepper yet. Bake for 30 minutes, flipping once at 15 minutes. When you flip them after 15 minutes, add the grapes to the sheet and bake them with the beets for the remaining 15 minutes.

While they’re baking, cook your beets. Heat 2 tsps EVOO in a large skillet. Place them cut-side-down in a single layer in the pan and then let them sit and form a crust for about 4 minutes. Flip and let the other side get golden brown. Finish with salt and pepper and set aside.

Next, whisk your dressing ingredients together and set aside.

After you take your beets and grapes out of the oven, let them cool slightly. Then, cut the beets into matchsticks.

Assemble your salad by placing your Brussels sprouts, beets, grapes, and pistachios on a bed of baby spinach. Top with your dressing and dig in!

Holy cow, this was OUTRAGEOUS!! If you’ve never roasted grapes before, put your laptop down and do it now! They are SO incredible! I’m not even kidding, they taste like candy! They just burst in your mouth with this intensely sweet, “grapey” flavor! You see, when they’re roasted, the sugars in the grape caramelize, creating this fabulous, complex, deep sweetness. That complimented the golden, crispy brussels sprouts, the earthy sweet beets, and the salty, nutty pistachios! And then the champagne vinaigrette bathed everything in this sweet, bright dressing that had the slightest hint of grape!

And it was SO beautiful too!! All the emerald colors made this a regal looking dish. The earthy green brussels sprouts, ruby red grapes, deep purple beets, jade pistachios, and deep green spinach. Picture perfect.

Needless to say, I though this dish rocked! I WILL be making this dish again soon.

So much for a “humble” brussels sprout! This one stole the show!!

BED options: Sub roasted red peppers for beets, Sub almonds for pistachios, Sub lemon juice for vinegar, Omit Grapes. 

You can watch my cooking demonstration for this recipe here:

Need a good chef’s knife? Here’s the one I use and love!

This recipe is featured on Healthy Vegan Fridays & Wellness Weekend!


  1. Hey Caralyn! What an absolutely beautiful dish! it is so vibrant and colorful and I'm so intrigued by the roasted grapes! I've had frozen grapes before but never roasted. I'm so curious! This looks like a really great combo of flavors and textures. Great recipe and I loved the video! Definitely can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I know! I love frozen grapes, but roasted grapes absolutely take the cake!! They're amazing! You should try it out when you get some time to play in the kitchen! So glad you stopped by! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Champagne vinegar is tons of fun, especially because it sounds all fancy. :) And I can always get behind a good brussels dish - never paired 'em with beets before but I bet the combo would be lovely.

    1. Thanks Allysia! I know, it sounds fancy and sophisticated!! Hehe thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend

  3. I love this! This is definitely a recipe that I can easily see me making for the family. I watched the video, too, and you are adorable! I've been toying with the idea also of putting up videos of my site's recipes. Sounds like so much fun! Love your creativity and your bubbly personality.

    1. gosh, thank you so much! i really appreciate that:) Oh yes, this is a great family dish -- the grapes are like candy!! thanks for stopping by! enjoy your afternoon!

  4. This dish is so beautiful Caralyn! I love the grapes and the pistachios for the colour and the champagne vinegar makes it seem so fancy!

    Can't wait to see your videos :)

    1. Thank you so much Gabby! I know! The champagne vinegar gives it an air of sophistication! haha :) so glad you stopped by! have a great friday!!

  5. Congrats on the videos! I love Brussels, can't get enough :).

    1. Thank you so much Anna! Me too! They're pretty tasty! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

  6. Looks absolutely amazing! Would love to receive emails from you please.

    Thank you!

  7. What a delicious meal! I love brussel sprouts.

  8. Thank you so much Natalie! Me too! I love 'em!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great night!

  9. Wow, what a creative dish! I've never had roasted grapes but really going to have to try this. I have never heard of champagne vinegar. I don't think I can get hold of that here. What would you suggest I substitute for this? I loved your video, and you mentioned lemon juice but I can tolerate vinegar, would ACV do?
    Thank you for sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays. Check back on Friday to see if you were one of the Top 3! We hope to see you again this week. You can submit a post from Friday to end of Tuesday:

    1. Thank you so much Katherine!! Yeah, roasting the grapes was a really fun (and tasty!!) twist! I found champagne vinegar at my regular grocery store, but you could always substitute white wine vinegar, or ACV too!! :) thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


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