SCD Legal/Illegal List

The Specific Carb Diet allows simple carbohydrates. The science behind the diet says that some bodies are unable to digest complex carbohydrates, which (when undigested) damage the lining of your intestines. By eliminating these foods, your intestines heal, and you are able to manage Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's, Celiac, and other digestive diseases. It has also been shown to improve symptoms of autism.

In a nutshell, all gluten/grains/starches are illegal, including potatoes and corn. Dairy is also illegal, with the exception of some hard cheeses.

This is THE official list from the Breaking the Vicious Cycle website.

Acorn Squash --------------- Legal
Agar-Agar --------------------Illegal
Agave Syrup -----------------Illegal
Algae --------------------------Illegal
Allspice------------------------Legal (the spice)
Almond Butter ---------------Legal (if no sugar added)
Almond Milk------------------Legal (may be tried after 6 months on the SCD)
Almond Oil--------------------Legal
Almonds-----------------------Legal (not from a mix)
Aloe Vera---------------------Illegal
Amaranth Flour--------------Illegal
Apple Cider-------------------Legal (Dilute with Water)

Brussels Sprouts                        Legal
Buckwheat                                Illegal
Bulgur                                       Illegal
Burdock Root                           Illegal
Butter                                        Legal
Butter Beans                             Illegal
Buttermilk                                 Illegal
Butternut Squash                       Legal
Cabbage                                    Legal
Camembert Cheese                   Legal (occasionally)
Canellini Beans                        Illegal
Canned Fish                             Legal (in oil or water ONLY)
Canned Fruits                          Illegal (in JUICE only allowed
Canned Vegetables                  Illegal (only fresh or frozen)
Canola Oil                                Legal
Cantaloupe                                Legal
Capers                                       Legal
Carob                                        Illegal
Carrageenan                              Illegal
Carrots                                      Legal
Cashews                                    Legal (not from mix)
Cauliflower                                Legal
Celeriac/Celery Root                 Legal
Celery                                        Legal
Cellulose(in supplements)          Legal
Cellulose Gum                           Illegal
Cereals                                       Illegal
Chard                                         Legal
Cheddar Cheese                        Legal
Cheese                                       Legal (NOT processed. W/ bacterial culture, aged >30 days)
Cherimoya                                Legal
Cherries                                    Legal
Chestnut Flour                          Illegal
Chestnuts                                   Legal (when Symptom Free)
Chevre                                       Illegal
Chewing Gum                           Illegal
Chick Peas                                 Illegal
Chickory Root                           Illegal
Chlorella                                    Illegal
Chocolate                                   Illegal
Cilantro                                      Legal
Cinnamon                                   Legal
Citric Acid                                  Legal
Club Soda                                   Legal
Cocoa Powder                            Illegal
Coconut                                      Legal (fresh or unsweetened)
Coconut Milk                              Legal (after 6 months)
Coconut Oil                                Legal
Coffee                                         Legal (made very weak. Instant not allowed)
Coffee (instant)                           Illegal
Colby Cheese                             Legal (freely)
Collard Greens                           Legal
Cordials                                      Illegal
Corn                                           Illegal
Corn Oil                                      Legal
Corn Syrup                                 Illegal
Cornstarch                                  Illegal
Cottage Cheese                           Illegal
Courgette                                    Legal
Cranberry Juice                          Legal (no added sugar…dilute w/ water)
Cream                                         Illegal
Cream Cheese                             Illegal
Cream of Tartar                           Illegal
Croscomellose Sodium               Illegal
Cucumbers                                  Legal
Custard Apple                              Legal
Cyclamate                                    Legal
Date Sugar                                  Illegal (maybe tried after symptom free)
Dates                                          Legal (medjool & California. Nothing else added)
Decaffeinated Products              Illegal
Dextrose                                     Illegal
Dried Milk Solids                       Illegal
Drumsticks                                 Illegal (no okra)
Dry Curd Cottage Cheese           Legal
Durum Flour                               Illegal
Echinacea                                    Legal
Edam Cheese                              Legal (occasionally)
Eggplant                                     Legal
Eggs                                            Legal
EMPower                                    Illegal
Ethanol                                       Legal
Evaporated Cane Juice               Illegal (Fancy name for sugar)
Ezekiel Bread                             Illegal (Sprouted Grain Breads are Illegal)
Faba Beans                                 Illegal
Fenugreek                                   Illegal
Feta Cheese                                 Illegal (may be used after 6 months in small amnts)
Figs                                              Legal (Only w/ nothing added)
Filberts (Hazelnuts)                      Legal (not from mixes)
Fish                                              Legal (Fresh and frozen)
Flax Seed                                     Illegal
Flax Seed Oil                               Legal
Flour                                            Illegal
FOS                                             Illegal
Fowl                                            Legal
Frozen Orange Juice (Concentrated)            Illegal
Fructose (Granulated)                  Illegal
Fruits (Canned)                            Legal (ONLY in their own juice)
Garbanzo Beans                           Illegal
Garfava Flour                               Illegal
Garlic                                            Legal
Gelatin (unflavored)                      Legal
Ghee                                              Legal
Gin                                                Legal (occasionally)
Ginger                                           Legal
Gjetost Cheese                             Illegal
Glucose Candy                            Illegal
Glycerin                                       Legal
Glycerol                                       Legal
Goatein                                        Illegal
Gorgonzola Cheese                      Legal (occasionally)
Gouda Cheese                              Legal (occasionally)
Granulated Glucose                     Illegal
Grape Juice                                  Legal (no sugar added, dilute with water)
Grapefruit                                    Legal
Grapefuit Juice                            Illegal (only fresh pressed is allowed)
Grapes                                         Legal
Grapeseed Oil                              Legal
Green Tea                                    Legal (2 cups/day max)
Gruyere Cheese                           Legal
Guar Gum                                    Illegal
Gums                                           Illegal
Ham                                            Legal (only if cured with salt)
Haricot Beans                              Legal (dried & prepared per book instructions)
Havarti Cheese                            Legal, freely
Hazelnuts (Filberts)                     Legal (not from mix)
Hemp Seed/protein pwdr            Illegal
HN-Zyme                                    Legal
Homemade Yogurt                      Legal – only SCD recipe
Honey                                          Legal
Horseradish Sauce                        Legal – if homemade
Hot Dogs                                      Illegal
Hydrolyzed Protein                       Illegal
Ice Cream                                     Illegal
Inositol                                         Illegal (sugar alcohol)
Inulin                                            Illegal
Iron Supplements                         Illegal
Isoglucose                                    Illegal
Jaggery (gur)                                Illegal
Jalapenos                                      Legal
Jicama                                           Illegal
Juice from Concentrate                 Illegal
Kale                                               Legal
Kefir                                             Illegal
Ketchup                                        Illegal
Kidney Beans                               Legal (dried & cooked per book instructions when symptom free)
Kimchi                                          Legal
Kiwi Fruit                                    Legal
Kohlrabi                                       Illegal
Kudzu                                          Illegal
Kumquats                                     Legal
KyoGreen Powder                        Illegal
L-Theanine                                    Legal
Lactaid Milk                                  Illegal
Lactose Hydrolyzed Milk             Illegal
Lamb                                            Legal
Lecithin                                        Legal
Leek                                             Legal
Lemons                                         Legal
Lentil                                            Legal (dried & cooked per book instructions when symptom free)
Lettuce                                         Legal
Leucine                                        Legal
Licorice                                        Illegal
Lignin                                           Illegal
Lima Beans                                   Legal (dried & cooked per book instructions when symptom free)
Limburger Cheese                         Legal (occasionally)
Limes                                            Legal
Liqueurs                                        Illegal
Liquid Clorychlorophyll               Illegal
Macadamia Nuts                           Legal
Macadamia Oil                             Legal
Magnesium Citrate                       Legal
Magnesium Stearate                     Legal
Maltitol                                         Illegal
Maltodextrin                                 Illegal

Manchego Cheese                        Legal
Mangoes                                       Legal
Mannitol                                       Illegal
Maple Syrup                                 Illegal
Margarine                                     Illegal
Marshmallow                                Illegal
Mastic Gum                                  Illegal
Mead                                             Illegal

Meats                                            Legal (fresh and frozen with nothing added)
Meats (canned)                             Illegal
Meats (processed)                         Illegal
Melatonin                                     Illegal

Melon                                            Legal
Milk                                               Illegal
Millet                                             Illegal
Miso                                              Illegal
Molasses                                       Illegal
Molo-cure                                     Illegal

Monterey Jack Cheese                  Legal (occasionally)
Mozzarella Cheese                        Illegal
MSG                                             Illegal
Mucilaginous Herbs                      Illegal
Mucilaginous Polysaccharides      Illegal

Muenster Cheese                           Legal (occasionally)
Mungbeans                                    Illegal
Mushrooms                                    Legal
Mustard (plain)                              Legal (if no illegal ingredients…read label)
Natural Cheeses                            Legal
Natural Flavors                             Illegal
Navy Beans                                  Legal (dried & cooked per book instructions when symptom free)
Nectarines                                     Legal
Nettles                                          Illegal
Neufchatel Cheese                       Illegal
Noni Juice                                    Illegal

Nutmeg                                         Legal
Oats                                              Illegal
Okra                                             Illegal

Olive Oil                                       Legal
Olives                                           Legal (check label)
Onions                                          Legal
Orange Juice                                Legal (fresh, no sugar added)
Oranges                                       Legal
Oregano                                       Legal
Papayas                                        Legal
Pappadum                                    Illegal
Paprika                                         Legal
Parmesan Cheese                         Legal (occasionally)
Parsley                                          Legal
Parsnips                                        Illegal
Passion Fruit                                 Legal
Pasta                                             Illegal
Pau ‘Arco                                     Illegal
Pea Four                                       Illegal

Peaches                                         Legal
Peanut Butter                                Legal
Peanut Oil                                     Legal
Peanuts                                          Legal (in shell, shelled are illegal.)
Pears                                              Legal
Peas                                               Legal
Pecans                                            Legal (not from mix)
Pectin                                             Illegal
Peppermint tea                              Legal
Peppers                                         Legal
Peptizyde                                      Legal
Persimmons                                  Legal
Phosphatidylcholine                      Legal
Pickles (Dill)                               Legal (check label)
Pine Nuts                                    Legal
Pineapple                                    Legal
Pineapple Juice                           Illegal (fresh only)
Pinto Beans                                 Illegal

Pistachio Nuts                             Legal
Plantains                                     Illegal
Plums                                          Legal
Polysorbate 80                            Illegal
Pomegranate Concentrate           Illegal

Pork                                            Legal           
Pork Rinds                                  Legal (nothing added)
Port du Salut Cheese                   Legal (occasionally)
Port wine                                     Illegal
Postum                                        Illegal

Potassium Sorbate                       Legal
Potatoes                                       Illegal
Poultry                                         Legal
Primal Defense                           Illegal
Primost Cheese                           Illegal
Processed Cheeses                      Illegal
Protein Powder                           Illegal

Provolone Cheese                       Legal
Prunes                                         Legal
Psyllium Husks                           Illegal
Pumpkin                                      Legal (fresh…canned is illegal)
Pumpkin (Canned)                      Illegal
Quinoa                                         Illegal
Quorn                                          Illegal
Raisins                                         Legal
Rhubarb                                      Legal

Rice                                             Illegal
Rice Bran                                    Illegal
Rice Flour                                    Illegal
Ricotta Cheese                            Illegal
Romano Cheese                          
Legal (occasionally)
Roquefort Cheese                       Legal (occasionally)
Rosemary                                    Legal
Rutabaga                                     Legal

Rye                                             Illegal
Saccharine                                   Legal
Safflower Oil                               Legal
Sage                                             Legal
Sago Starch                                  Illegal
Sake                                              Illegal

Salt                                                Legal
Sashimi                                         Legal
Saurkerkraut                                 Legal
Seaweed                                       Illegal
Seed Butters                                 Illegal
Seed Flour                                    Illegal

Seeds                                            Legal
Sesame Oil                                    Legal
Sesame Seeds                               Illegal
Sharifa                                          Legal
Shellfish                                        Legal
Sherry                                           Illegal
Silica                                             Legal
Silicon Dioxide                             Legal
Slippery Elm                                 Illegal
Smoked Meats                              Illegal

Sodium Benzoate                          Legal
Sodium Starch Glycinate              Illegal
Sorbitol                                         Illegal
Sour Cream                                   Illegal
Soy                                                Illegal

Soy Lecithin                                  Legal
Soy Sauce                                     Illegal
Soybean Milk                                Illegal
Soybean Oil                                  Illegal
Soybeans                                       Illegal

Spearmint Tea                               Legal
Spelt                                              Illegal
Spices                                            Legal
Spinach                                         Legal
Spirulina                                       Illegal
Splenda                                        Illegal

Split Peas                                     Legal (dried & cooked per package directions once symptom free)
Sprouted Grain Bread                   Illegal
Squash                                         Legal
Stevia                                            Illegal
Stilton Cheese                               Legal (occasionally)
String Beans (Green beans)          Legal
Sucralose                                       Illegal
Sulphates                                       Legal
Sunflower Oil                                Legal
Swede                                            Legal
Sweet Potatoes                               Illegal
Swiss Cheese                                 Legal (freely)
Tabasco Sauce                               Illegal
Tagatose                                        Illegal
Tamari                                           Illegal
Tamarind                                       Illegal

Tangerines                                    Legal
Tapioca                                         Illegal
Tapioca Flour                                Illegal
Taro                                              Illegal

Tarragon                                       Legal
Tea                                                Legal
Thyme                                           Legal
Tofu                                              Illegal
Tofutti cheese                                Illegal

Tomato                                          Legal (canned tomatoes are illegal)
Tomato Juice (canned)                  Legal (only have salt added
Tomato Paste (Canned)                 Illegal
Tomato Puree (Canned)                Illegal
Tomato Sauce (Canned)               Illegal
Triticale                                        Illegal
Turbinado                                    Illegal
Turnips                                        Illegal
V8 Juice                                      Illegal
Vanillin                                       Legal
Vegetable Stearate                      Legal

Vegetables (Canned)                  Illegal
Vinegar                                       Legal
Vodka                                         Legal (Occasionally)
Walnut Oil                                  Legal
Walnuts                                       Legal (not from mix)
Wasabi                                       Legal (in natural state)
Water Chestnuts                         Illegal
Watercress                                  Legal
Watermelon                                Legal
Wheat                                         Illegal
Wheat Germ                               Illegal

Whisky                                       Legal (Occasionally)
Wine                                           Legal (very dry wine is legal)
Xanthum Gum                            Illegal
Xylitol                                         Illegal

Yams                                           Illegal
Yoghurt (commercial)                 Illegal
Toghurt (homemade)                   Legal
Yucca Root                                 Illegal
Zucchini                                      Legal

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