Saturday, December 22, 2018

Peppermint Mocha Nice Cream!

Three sleeps until Christmas!!

Who's excited!? I know I sure am! Unprepared as all get out, but at least I have my Christmas wardrobe all ready to go. #priorities ;)

Tonight, I'm coming at'cha with a delicious recipe that will make 10 lords a'leap and nine ladies dance!
It's my Peppermint Mocha Nice Cream!

What is Nice Cream, you ask? It's ice cream made from frozen bananas! And its clever name comes from: Banana (or 'Nana) + Ice Cream = Nice Cream!
But the best part about this recipe, is that I used Generous Coffee!
Photo: Generous Coffee, used with permission 
Generous Coffee, founded by former Bachelor, Ben Higgins, is offering "Life Changing Coffee." It's a for-purpose company, with a significant portion of the sales of the coffee and apparel going to help our brothers and sisters in Honduras. They're providing life changing jobs and partnerships, and I couldn't be more thrilled to use Generous Coffee in this recipe.

But I'm super pumped because it's the star of this secretly healthy treat!

Creamy and rich vegan ice cream with a holiday twist!
OH! -- and I won't tell if you want to add a shot of Bailey's or peppermint schnapps either. ;)

And it's also gluten free and paleo too! (And Specific Carb Diet friendly, if you omit the peppermint candy!)
Here's what you need: (Serves 1...because I'm single haha)

2 large, extra ripe bananas (read: with lots of brown spots) --  peeled, sliced, and frozen
1/4 cup of cooled Generous Coffee (I used their Dark Colombia roast!)
1 Tbsp agave or honey (or French Vanilla liquid stevia) --> SCD use stevia
1 candy cane, or peppermint hard candy (SCD omit)


Food processor (here's the one I use and love)
zip top bags
Peel and slice two very ripe bananas into coins and place in a ziptop bag. Freeze until solid, at least 4 hours. Preferably overnight. (PRO TIP: I buy bananas in bulk, let them get extra ripe and covered in brown spots, and then slice & freeze a bunch of them in individual baggies. That way, they're ready to go when I want to make smoothies or nice cream!)
Place the candy cane in a ziptop bag and crush with a rolling pin or with the base of a mug, in order to form sprinkles. Set aside.

Add the frozen banana coins to the food processor, and blitz until they form little pebbles. (Warning -- this makes a LOUD noise, and shakes the food processor, so be ready!)
Once the bananas reach that pebbly consistency, drizzle in the cooled coffee and sweetener. Keep processing until it comes together into soft-serve consistency
You'll need to stop and scrape the sides of the food processor once. (This would also be the time to add some peppermint schnapps or Baileys!)

Dish up the beautiful soft-serve, mocha ice cream, sprinkle with the crushed peppermint candy, turn on some Christmas music and ENJOY!!
My oh my, friend. This was outrageously delicious! The coffee flavor was out of this world, and that kiss of peppermint at the end -- sheer perfection.

It was luxuriously creamy and melty - it's hard to believe you can achieve this consistency from bananas! It's bananas!
And that's the thing - this recipe is SO healthy! I've got to tell you - I have turned several gentlemen in my life on to this "(N)ice Cream" treat.

I will randomly get texts from them with a photo of their homemade banana ice cream, gushing about how much they love it.

One of those gentlemen may have been a former romantic love interest, but I'll never tell. ;)

But all that to say -- this is some seriously good eats. It's so decadent, you won't believe it's actually good for you!

So make this delicious Peppermint Mocha Ice Cream. Order yourself some Generous Coffee, and have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

To learn more about Generous Coffee, visit, or follow them on Instagram, @generous_coffee_.
Photo: Generous Coffee, used with permission

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