Saturday, September 3, 2016

Peach-Banana Swirl (N)Ice Cream! GF, V, Paleo & SCD

Hey Happy Tummies!


Haha. I know, I know. Way. Too. Long.

Labor Day is upon us, people. But honestly, I love it. It's a fresh start. The summer is coming to a close, fall TV is back (Hello, Bachelor!) and it's the tail end of peach season :)

So I wanted to share this little beauty that I whipped up!


What is Nice Cream? Well - It stands for Banana (Nana) Ice Cream = NIce Cream! 

It's ice cream that is made entirely out of FROZEN BANANAS!

It's gluten free, vegan, paleo AND Specific Carb Diet friendly! 


Here's what you need: 

1 Banana - sliced into coins and frozen > 3 hours
2 Peaches - sliced or cubed and frozen (I got store bought)

Step 1: Put frozen banana coins into the food processor. Blend until creamy. You'll need to scrape the sides several times. (Warning: This makes a loud noise!)

Step 2: Transfer banana ice cream to a bowl and put in freezer while you make the peach ice cream. 

Step 3: Put frozen peach cubes into the food processor. (No need to rinse). Blend until creamy. You'll need to scrape the sides several times.

Step 4: Take banana ice cream out of the freezer, and put your peach ice cream in the same bowl. Swirl together. 


You guys. I cannot begin to express how freaking incredible this was. 

Now, I know what you may be's just bananas?

But. My friends. There is magic that occurs when you blend a frozen banana. It truly becomes like soft serve. It is outrageously creamy and smooth, and it melts just like ice cream! 

I even got one of my guy friends to make it. So there's the proof, people. 

This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite NYC treats: Nice Cream from Chloe's Fruit! I always get their banana nice cream smothered with peanut butter! It is SO GOOD! I mean...come on :) 

Alright, be on the look out for another recipe this week!

SO happy to be back blogging again!

Sending massive hugs and love!

Caralyn xox

Also: stay tuned for some exciting news next week! :D eek!!

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  1. Sounds delicious and so simple, I could eat some right now, yum. Hope all is well, how's the acting career?

    1. Thanks Vicky! Haha, yeah it's definitely refreshing! Thanks for asking :) It's going well! I've actually got a fun project that will be launching next week that I can't wait to share with the blog! :) Hope you're having a great weekend! hugs xox

  2. That is truly something great. Have never seen such a dish as looks very yummy. Going to try it for my kids as they love ice-creams. Recently tried few new dishes along with ice-cream. Tried recipes from Nom Photo Sharing app as it has awesome videos.

  3. Hey, It sounds really very delicious and it's really very easy to make at home. Can't wait to try my hands on this. Bookmarked this recipe already. Thanks for sharing this with us dear. Best wishes and Regards

  4. This ice cream looks so appealing and the pictures are also so perfect i will definitely going to try these ones :) thank you :)

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  6. Wowwwww... I am so in love with this. Thanks a lot for sharing this amaing recipe with all of us. Loved it. Regards.


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