Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey Happy Tummies!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday week!

So I did something CRAZY on Monday morning.


Two to be exact. And not for me…because…I’m gluten free. I got them as a surprise for my parents when they picked me up at the airport. -- I am currently at our lake home in Wisconsin! (Remember, we had a fire here last summer?) Yep! We’re back and it’s all good!

Now if you’re scratching your head wondering what a cronut is, it is THE RAGE in NYC. It is cross between a croissant and a donut -- a donut made with croissant dough. (Get it? CRO-NUT – CROissant –DoughNUT – clever, right?) And you can only buy them at a teeny-tiny Soho bakery: they’ve been trademarked and patented. They only make 200 a day, and they sell out in minutes. And they’re 5 bucks apiece.

People go insane for them. They line up at 4:45am and the bakery opens at 8am. The line literally wraps around the block. Apparently, people scalp them for upwards of $75.

So my friend, Rob, and I went and braved the elements for a cronut! We were like, 6th in line. I had my luggage with me, because my flight left at 11am! There were 4 homeless guys ahead of us. They buy them, and then scalp them to people for mad cash, or sell their spots in line. I’m telling you – it was CRAZY. There were probably, no joke, 200 people in line. There’s a 2 cronut/per person limit, so you do the math.

The flavor in June was Lemon Maple. This month was Blackberry Lemon.

Check out this Buzzfeed article about them (It’s all pictures) – http://www.buzzfeed.com/arielknutson/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-cronut

Rob took some great action picsJ

They’re filled with wonderful goodness! Check out those layers!

So now the question that I’m sure you’re wondering: Did I cheat and have a bite?

The answer: NO! I can honestly say that all I did was smell them…..And look at them….And drool over them. :) haha

And here’s my thinking: I don’t really want to eat them. After not having sugar or gluten for over a year, my taste buds have changed. It would be a cruel joke to reintroduce that stuff to them. Right now, I’m happy just craving peaches and mangoJ

My parents were so surprised! I was so excited to give the cronuts to them. They came in a little gold box. I felt like Willy Wonka giving them the golden ticket:)

They said, and I quote, “Oh my gosh. This is the absolute best thing I’ve eaten in a long time!”  

The thing about the cronuts is that since they’re made with croissant dough, they’re really airy and have lots of layers. And they’re stuffed with blackberry lemon cream.

My parents said they were really chewy and not overly sweet. They loved the texture and the chewiness.

Now to create a grain free version……haha…riiiiight….

Since I’m on vacation this week, I’ll be whipping up some delightful recipes! (There’s something about the fresh Wisconsin lake air that gets my creativity flowing!) I just made an INSANELY delicious dinner tonight….Recipe coming later this week!

Talk to you soon!

And thanks again, Rob, for being such a trooper and “cronutting” with me! You’re the best!


  1. Those last two pictures!! Geesh! I need a vacation. :]

    I've heard of cronuts, and I totally get the rage, they sound delicious.. but SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS?! No. I wouldn't. I would just make my own. lol

    Kudos to those homeless men though for being business savy!

    Enjoy your vacation. :]

    1. Hi Hollie! Thanks! I know. No donut can be worth 75 big ones! I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ok, I have to admit, I would actually taste one and maybe even eat an entire one ONLY because I know me. I've never had any issues with sugar cravings so by eating one I KNOW it wouldn't cause me to crave more or ever go back to eating refined sugar ever again. Because I, too, have cut out this way of eating (along with 98% of processed foods) and could never go back. But, holy! They sure do look heavenly (especially that shot of them cut in half revealing the inside!). I get why they would be all the rage. But you'd think that this company wouldn't limit their sales to only 200—why not make more, sell more, profit more? Hmm.

    Well, thanks for the post Caralyn. And by the way, I have to say that I miss you. I've noticed that you're not posting as often—was wondering how you were and just missing your adorable sunshiny face. Hope all is swell and life is fabulous for you! :)

  3. As thank you so much, Dana. I appreciate your kind words. Yeah, blogging in NYC is a lot harder. Before, when I was blogging everyday, I had all the time in the world. Literally-because I was home sick on bed rest! Lol being back in NYC, I'm trying to keep a lot of balls up in the air: finishing my degree, working, auditioning, spending time with friends, and then just living in the city! So unfortunately, I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd like to. I'm excited for this week because I'll be able to make a lot of recipes! But thank you for that kindness:) I actually address this issue in my next post. Haha it's like you read my mind! Thanks for stopping by. And have a wonderful Fourth of July!

  4. At least it's great to know that everything you're doing is everything that you love! Just remember to be still in the midst of it by taking time to care for yourself (and something tells me that you already know this). :) You have a wooonderful Fourth of July as well! Till next time. Peace out and Live Awesome! :)

  5. I think what's most impressive is those enterprising homeless men! But, I do think you can remake these, I just know it!

    1. I know!! So business savvy:) thanks for stopping by! Happy fourth!


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